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This section includes a sample of  Frequently Asked Questions about our services, prices, qualifications, and more. You can also ask these questions when contacting other local DJ's as well. 

Questions to Ask DJ or Entertainment Service Providers


Are you Available?

Begin your call by indicating the date, time, and location of your event. There is no sense asking detailed - questions if the DJ is already booked for your date. Many Disc Jockeys as a courtesy may be able to refer you to another DJ in the area that they have a relationship with and may have your date available. Call Now To Book! (716) 474-1456


 How much do you charge?

The biggest mistake most people make is that this is the ONLY question they ask! Remember, the DJ is the most important factor in the success of your event. Price should be your last consideration in looking for a good DJ or sound system. Find out how much experience the DJ has and the type of equipment, lights, or packages they are offering you, then consider the price. And don't be fooled you do "get what you pay for!" We sometimes are not the cheapest, but we ARE THE BEST. Yes, there are some DJ's with whom we simply can't compete in terms of price and price alone. This is because our standards are high and we do not cut corners when it comes to equipment, sound, and/or lighting. As a result, sometimes our operational costs may be higher. We believe that the entertainment will decide the success of your event. Call Now To Book! (716) 474-1456

How many events has your DJ performed at?

Here at Center Stage Entertainment we have been in the mobile entertainment & DJ business for over 18 years. We have performed at hundreds of mobile events and over 2,000 night club events. We have successfully entertained thousands of people over the years. Experience is worth so much when it comes to your peace of mind, knowing your event is in good hands.   Call Now To Book! (716) 474-1456


 What kind of music selection do you have?

This is often another point overlooked, even though it is the basic purpose of all DJ's to play music. Many other DJ companies often have a very poor selection of music. Find out what sources your DJ uses to get his/her music. Does he/she just buy music at retail stores like everyone else? Or does he/she have specific resources that allow him/her to be up-to-date and have a wide selection of popular music. Remember, the best professional DJ's use professional "DJ ONLY" music compilations. Ask your potential DJ to send you some type of a song list. Or you could even ask if they have specific songs or artists that you like. Most of our music is acquired through record industry sources which specifically provide music to radio stations, night clubs, and mobile DJ's. Here at Center Stage we have thousands of songs from the 40's through the 90's and beyond. Our music is updated monthly with the same new music major radio stations and night clubs receive. Call Now To Book! (716) 474-1456 


 What type of equipment do you use?

You may not know anything about professional sound equipment, but you can find out if your prospective DJ uses professional equipment simply by asking. Are they using equipment made for home use, or commercial equipment specifically made to withstand use on the road? Also, do they use professional cases to transport their equipment? Professional cases keep the equipment working and looking like new, and it keeps things looking neat and presentable at your event. In fact, much of the equipment we use is the same that you would find in the best nightclubs and with the biggest touring sound companies. Book the best, call Center Stage now! Call Now To Book! (716) 474-1456

Do you use a contract?

Yes, Center Stage Entertainment confirms your wishes including dates, times, prices, and other important information about your event in writing. Regardless of who you book with, make sure you use a booking contract. Contracts are very important, they protect both parties from possible confusion and/or misunderstandings. Call Now To Book! (716) 474-1456


 How do I book a date?

Please call us at (716) 474-1456 and we will instruct you on our procedure.